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 How we will decide ideas

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PostSubject: How we will decide ideas   Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:32 pm

Alright, for the most part, the forum is to be a democracy. If you add an idea, make sure there's a poll(or mods will do it for you) and set it for 7 days. After the week is up, if the idea has more yes votes than no, it will be passed, and if it has more no votes, it will not be passed. However, I have the power to veto these ideas. If a completely ridiculous idea is passed, and we can't do it, I will veto it.

You can post the same idea only ONE OTHER TIME if it is rejected the first time. However, another user may post it for a third time, but can only post it 2 times before another user does so. Likewise to the first veto rule, if it gets rejected, I have the power to veto it into acceptance.

Mods and other members can PM me with Veto Nominations. Most of the time, I will hold votes on whether to pass the veto, but if I agree with the veto, I'll veto it on my own.

This is how you would submit a Veto Nomination:

The subject should be VETO NOMINATION:[topic to be vetoed] and the body of the message should be asking for me to veto the subject, either into acceptance or rejection, and explain to me why.

And I\'m like yes. Smile
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How we will decide ideas
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