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 Money, Buying Weapons, etc.

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PostSubject: Money, Buying Weapons, etc.   Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:49 am

Members, let's start off with buying weapons. I'm sure ya'll are curious about that, since you're going to need weapons to be able to fight the other team. To start off, there will be a weapons shop OOC that you can go to to buy your weapons. It'll be set up simply, and you can read the rules there. Buying weapons won't be hard, you just have to make sure you don't overdo it; in fact, you can only have about 3 different types of weapons(unless a weapons handler), and a maximum quantity of those three types. You can either choose to edit the weapons onto your character sheet, or the appointed weapons salesman will edit it for you.

Now let's get to money real quick. If you've been to the roleplay topics of the places in the towns around the bases, you'll notice that sometimes a locale will have a job or two available. It shows the wage and what you must do. So how will this work? Basically, you can apply for the job and never actually go in there again. Once you apply for the job you start earning money the very next day. So, yes, if the job description says $7.50, you'll earn $7.50 per day. So in two days you'll have made fifteen dollars! All this money can go towards weapons, or whatever else.

That should be about it, so I'm going to post this up now. If you feel more should be covered, please drop me a PM. Smile Thank you.

And I\'m like yes. Smile
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Money, Buying Weapons, etc.
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