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 Once Upon a Time....

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PostSubject: Once Upon a Time....   Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:34 am

Once upon a time, in 1945, World War II was ending. Two men finally got out of all the fighting, all the hate, the death, and the misery. The two had been the best of friends, sticking with each other till the bitter end of that gruesome war. When they got out, both had been changed. This change in them was so overwhelming, they decided that everyone should see it their way. They had to! It could be the solution to mankind's problems!

However, their changes were not the same, and the two buddies split up. The first man was Peter Haines was inspired by the war to make sure everyone had fun. Everyone would achieve their dream, and everyone would laugh. No one would hurt, or feel the pain of loneliness. He had the idea to take over the world - or at least America - with his idea and make sure the world was a fun place for all.

The second man was Harold Pearson, and his idea was drastically different. Instead, he was changed in a way that he should bring everyone misery for all the pain he was caused during the war. Why should anyone be happy after that? While he didn't care so much for the Americans, he did care about getting back at the Germans, Italians, and Japanese, but he knew his priorities had to be to get America out of the way first.

Both men started to work on their plots, creating clubs for their cause. They started to get their plans and ideas in order, when they both died within days of each other. It was a coincidence.

Now, it's the year 2011, and the heirs have found their fathers' documents and papers. They decided to pursue and fulfill their fathers' quests, so they took up the position as leader, and started right away. So, who will prevail? Fun or misery?

And I\'m like yes. Smile
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Once Upon a Time....
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