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 Trying t o Hurry It Up

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PostTrying t o Hurry It Up

Sorry for all the waiting for the roleplay to be up. The 7th was a Friday and I tried to get some work done, which I did manage to do. However, yesterday, the 8th, I had to drive out of town for my great-grandma's 100th birthday in which I got back into town at around 8, maybe 9. Then I was just trying to relax, make sure everything I took with me was back in the house - a task I failed at, because I forgot my mouse for this computer -, and charging everything back up.

After that, I've been busy working on other projects. It's just now I've had time to get on here and actually try to do some work, though it probably won't be until four when I actually start working. It's alright though, I got the whole day to work, and hopefully, if I devote all my time to it, it'll be done by the end of today.

Keeping my fingers crossed, here. I just wanna go ahead and start advertising the site and get it going! But I must have patience, and make sure everything is done right before inviting more people to join, I guess.

Oh well....Gotta live by this quote,

"Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction."
--Anne Frank

And I\'m like yes. Smile
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Trying t o Hurry It Up

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